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Bonang Matheba Bids Reality TV Goodbye


After some reality show drama, businesswoman and media personality Bonang Matheba has decided to steer clear of reality TV.

Bonang Matheba Bids Reality TV Goodbye

The Young, Famous, and African show, on which she briefly appeared, sparked rumors of power struggles with cast members, but Bonang clarified she was there as a guest.

Instead, she’s returning to her YouTube show, Bedazzled, exclusively for her supporters. In an interview with ZiMoja, the star shared her views on reality TV, upcoming plans, and personal life. When asked about a potential return to reality TV, she expressed a preference for working at her own pace and sharing on her terms. “TV is demanding, and I have other business interests to attend to,” she explained.

Bonang faced challenges with her previous reality show, Being Bonang, once tweeting it wouldn’t air until debts were settled. Despite a tumultuous Season 3, she emphasized sharing behind-the-scenes content. Bedazzled promises an intimate look into Bonang’s world, showcasing projects and travels.

Reflecting on past reality show conflicts, she highlighted the importance of controlling her narrative through independence. Bonang advocates for consistency, professionalism, and staying true to one’s passion for success.

In matters of the heart, the 36-year-old happily revealed her relationship status, describing her partner as a soulmate and life supporter. The couple plans to travel for a well-deserved break. Amidst an incredible 2023, marked by a Steve Madden shoe collection, hosting a Kigali awards show, and gracing Glamour’s cover, the fashion icon remains focused on her diverse ventures.

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