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Bonang Matheba Set to Host TIME 100 Impact Awards


Get ready for a dazzling spectacle as the queen of glitz and glamour, Bonang Matheba, steps onto the global stage to host the first-ever Time 100 Impact Awards in Kigali, Rwanda.

Bonang Matheba Set to Host TIME 100 Impact Awards

Known for her charismatic presence, Bonang Matheba is set to host a groundbreaking event that celebrates global leaders leaving an indelible mark on their industries. Unlike traditional awards, the Time 100 Impact Awards go beyond recognizing influence, spotlighting individuals whose impact has reached across the globe.

Bonang Matheba’s Style

Bonang Matheba Set to Host TIME 100 Impact Awards

Anticipation is building for the Kigali Awards, with all eyes on Bonang’s fashion prowess. A fashionista of the highest order, Bonang has a history of turning heads on the red carpet. Speculation is buzzing about her outfit choice for this grand affair.

Will she embrace a regal ensemble paying homage to Rwanda’s cultural richness, or surprise us with a bold, modern look? One thing’s for sure—the fashion world eagerly awaits the queen’s sartorial choices.

Hosting Duties

From fans predicting a Miss Universe hosting stint to playful banter about her stealing the show, the digital sphere is buzzing with Bonang’s supporters’ energy. The ‘Queen B’ is undoubtedly ready to add her signature charm to the Time 100 Impact Awards, and her loyal followers can’t wait to see her shine.

In a world where African excellence gains well-deserved recognition on the global stage, Bonang Matheba’s role as the host of the Time 100 Impact Awards is a testament to the continent’s rising influence.

The Time Impact Awards

As the countdown to November 17th begins, we eagerly await the spectacle that Bonang will undoubtedly bring to Kigali, marking her as a host of international caliber. Don’t miss the chance to witness the queen in action at the Time 100 Impact Awards—an event that promises to be a unique celebration of global leaders making a lasting impact on the world.

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