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Pinkygirl Returns to the Limelight After Losing Her Father


Tebogo Mekgwe, affectionately known as Pinkygirl and also the cousin of media sensation Bonang Matheba.

Pinkygirl Returns to the Limelight After Losing Her Father

After making appearances on Bonang’s reality show, Pinkygirl is gearing up to relaunch her YouTube channel, initially announced in April 2023.

The channel, set to go live in December and officially launched on December 10, provides an exclusive peek into Pinkygirl’s life as a DJ, businesswoman, and prominent figure.

Known for her vibrant personality and diverse career, Pinkygirl’s channel will feature behind-the-scenes footage of her at events, business meetings, and gigs, showcasing her interactions with family and friends.

Sesi Mokoana from Pinkygirl’s team hints at an element of surprise, stating, “She does not want to reveal too much as yet. But, it will be worth the wait. The channel will showcase exclusive content, providing a behind-the-scenes look into her life.”

Taking a step back from the limelight after the loss of her father in 2022, Pinkygirl reflects on her journey during an interview on Kaya 959. Following the challenging period, Pinkygirl moved back home for six months after losing her job and her father.

In her own words, “It is hard to move on after losing someone that was that close to your heart,” and she emphasizes the real impact of depression. Now, as she navigates her way in the entertainment industry, Pinkygirl is ready to share her story and exclusive content through her revitalized YouTube channel.

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