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“I’m Exhausted” Minnie Dlamini Cries Out for Help


Minnie Dlamini recently shared a heartfelt message on Instagram, expressing her exhaustion and her challenges.

"I'm Exhausted" Minnie Dlamini Cries Out for Help

The TV personality and actress opened up about the difficulties she has encountered in the past few years. These include a public marriage breakdown, a custody battle with her ex-husband Quinton Jones, and the loss of her baby brother Makhosini.

Additionally, Minnie has had to deal with online trolls criticizing her appearance and age.

In her Instagram Story on Sunday, December 17, Minnie reflected on the past year, revealing, “I’m exhausted!

This year has genuinely taken everything from me just to get by, and looking back and realizing I did more than get by makes me feel great! I’m proud of me and how well I’ve done!”

She acknowledged the roughness of survival mode and expressed gratitude for the support she has received, saying, “Today was really difficult.”

Minnie reassured her followers that despite feeling battered and bruised, she was okay and felt loved and blessed. She thanked her fans for their concern and credited their support for making her year a success. She also expressed her appreciation for the support she received from singer Zahara, who recently passed away.

Minnie remembered Zahara as one of the few people who reached out to her during difficult times. She described their bond of sisterhood as beautiful and something she will forever cherish.

She concluded with a heartfelt tribute: “Rest In Power.”

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