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Hitman Drags Kelly Khumalo Into The Murder Of Senzo [Proof]


Kelly Khumalo is once again facing the heat as the alleged hit-man who killed her dead ex-boyfriend, Senzo Meyiwa identifies her.

Kelly Khumalo – Vuzacast

Kelly has had to address this matter so many times in the past trying to explain and prove her innocence in the murder of her then boyfriend, Senzo. Senzo was murdered in a house that was filled with family and friends. Despite it all no one seem to be able to tell exactly what happened and how the former captain was murdered.

Kelly Khumalo – Vuzacast

It was said that Kelly Khumalo was in the house when her husband was murdered. She wasn’t the only one though, her sister and her sisters boyfriend were also present along with their mother and others. Although all this people were present they couldn’t provide any information to help the investigation. This led people to conclude that it was nothing but an inside job, The investigation has been on for six long years.

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The hit-man who murdered Senzo was questioned and apparently he revealed that Kelly was involved in her husbands death. The last time the singer had to deal with being dragged into this murder she made a video. She has been quiet this time around and not given a response.

Watch Video Below;

The question on everyone’s mind after finding out that the hit-man incriminated Kelly, was if he had prove. Another thing that we are all wondering is whether or not this is true or not. Is Kelly really responsible for Senzo’s murder or is she just an easy target to put it all on so they can close the case. There has been no official statement as to what Kelly would be facing legally based on the hit-mans allegations.

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