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Pearl Thusi Reveals Why She Can’t and Won’t Date Someone Earning Lesser Than Her


A lot more than tea was spilled at ‘Dinner At Somizi’s‘ as actress and business woman Pearl Thusi says she can’t date someone who earns less than her.

Pearl Thusi – Vuzacast

Dinner at Somizi was the ultimate show with Pear Thusi and DJ Zinhle as guests on the show and Somizi as the host. The three had fun and gossiped a bit while spilling the tea on their personal life.

Pearl Thusi and DJ Zinhle – Vuzacast

During the show, Somizi asked both friends if they can date someone who earns lesser than they do. Zinhle said she is a lover at heart and wouldn’t care about her partner earnings as she was raised to be independent.

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While Pearl Thusi replied saying she can’t and wouldn’t date someone who earns lesser than she earns. She went ahead to give her reasons, saying while goring up her parents always had problems because of money. She said it affected their relationship and her outlook so she’d try to avoid being in a similar situation.

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