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Naak Muziq Had It Coming, Prince Kaybee was Just Setting Taking His Time [Here’s Why]


Prince Kaybee and Naak Musiq had the biggest twar, but Prince Kaybee just gave us the back story and the real motive.

Prince Kaybee – Vuzacast

The entire twar started when someone posted a video of an expensive SUV that got stuck. Saying it was disappointing. Prince Kaybee then replied, saying, “BMW engineering is kak like kakmusiq..”

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After that tweet, all hell broke loose on Twitter, and it became survival of the fittest in music between both artists. Fans chipped in, saying Prince Kaybee was the solicitor of the argument, and he was wrong for belittling Naak Musiq. But all they were saying bounced off of him as he went on with his diss.

A the end of the argument, Prince Kaybee explained what really made him throw the fist diss. Two weeks prior, Naak Musiq said something that made Prince Kaybee feel belittled, and he just took his time and came back.

See His Tweet Below;