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“No One Told Us Anything” Senzo Meyiwa Family Left In The Dark About Latest Findings


The brother of Senzo Meyiwa reveals that the family wasn’t updated on the latest information from the investigation.

Senzo Meyiwa – Vuzacast

Senzo Meyiwa murdered six years ago has left his family devastated and girlfriend a suspect of murder. The then captain of Bafana Bafana was murdered in a house where his girlfriend was present. His girlfriend was Kelly Khumalo and after his death the public made her the number one suspect.

Kelly Khumalo – Vuzacast

The hit-man for the murder was questioned and he revealed that Kelly Khumalo was the mastermind. After six long years of investigation the case still hasn’t been closed and everyone is getting weary. People are wondering if the case would ever be solved. When Kelly Khumalo was informed of the hit-mans accusation thanked them for informing her. The singer went on with her life, already tired of explaining always.

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Sfiso Meyiwa spoke to All4Women saying the family wasn’t informed of the latest findings. He said they found out from the press and read it in the papers. He explained that the death of his brother brings pain to the family.

“We only became aware of the reports when we saw the papers. No one told us anything.  There is nothing much we can say at this time. We’ll be convinced when the matter is in court”

“There have always been reports about progress, but nothing ever happens. Actually, we don’t even like talking about this thing because it brings so much pain..”

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