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Who Says Fashion Had To Be Boring… Pearl Thusi Serves Look In Polythene Hat [Photos]


Pearl Thusi is at it again, the fashion goddess makes it all look good. You would have never thought polythene could do anything for fashion aside from block the rain.

Pearl Thusi – Vuzacast

The actress has once again graced our screens with her beauty. She shared pictures from a photoshoot looking like candy.

Pearl Thusi – Vuzacast

Wrapped in a pink glittery cold shoulder dress. With colorful sleeves that sparkle in the light. 

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Her pink thigh length dress has crystal like stones dangling all around it. The TV presenter imitates her name as she sits there with her skin glowing as beautifully as pearls.

Pearl Thusi – Vuzacast

A lot of people have tried but nobody can stun as effortlessly as she does. Our hats go off to Pearl Thusi and her Polythene hat. It is literally the center of her entire look.