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8 Facts You Can’t Ignore About Pearl Thusi


Pearl Thusi always has us gawking and wondering just how she manages to stay at the top and do it like it’s a piece of cake. She is a beauty icon and stuns without trying and it won’t hurt to know more about the beloved Pearl Thusi.

Pearl Thusi – Vuzacast

1. She Is One Of The Most Successful TV Hosts

Pearl Thusi is one of the most famous and successful TV host in not just South Africa but Africa. She has hosted several famous TV and radio shows. Such as, Lip Sync Battle Africa, Live Amp, Metro Fm, Moments South Africa and more.

2. She Is Worth Millions 

Although her annual salary is yet to be revealed. Research proves that the TV presenter is worth approximately $1 Million – 5 Million. This result was concluded but based on her lifestyle, cars and salary more might be realized if those are accurately calculated.

Pearl Thusi – Vuzacast

3. She Is The Ultimate Boss lady

Pearl Thusi didn’t come out to play. She makes boss moves with everything she does. Young people and newbies in the industry look up to her to learn how to make it to the top and stay at the top. Making it to the top isn’t the difficult part, it’s staying there that is the real deal. And the Nosslady does it without sweat.

Pearl Thusi – Vuzacast

4. She Isn’t A Pushover 

Pearl Thusi isn’t one of those celebrities that get bullied into submission. She is the boss lady after all, she takes orders from no one but herself. When she is faced with backlash or when a tweep comes for her, she stands her ground and sticks to what she believes while still being polite. She takes advice but doesn’t let others dictate her life.

Pearl Thusi – Vuzacast

5. She Is Part Of The Taurus Family

Being an earth sign, it is no surprise that the actress avoids negativity and always embraces the positive things in life. She often shuns negative energy and drags and tries to stay positive. As a Taurus she tends to be determined and ambitious and stubborn, probably the traits that led her on the journey to who she has become, a fierce queen.

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6. She Values Relationships 

Pearl Thusi is best friends with DJ Zinhle, who is also very famous. The two have been giving us goals all through their friendship. It is coming in the entertainment industry that friendships fall apart due to pride, wealth or something else. But these two have stuck together through thick  and thin and sometimes they do petty and hilarious things together that you often don’t see with other celebrities.

Pearl Thusi and DJ Zinhle – Vuzacast

7. She Is Ranked In List Of Famous People 

Based on birthday ranks She has ranked on the list of famous people born on May 13. Most times we search our birthdays online just to see what celebrity is our twin. Well if you were born on the 13th of May, 1988, congratulations you just found your twin and you can feel proud of it. Pearl Thusi is on the list of famous people that pops up for that date. It takes a lot to be on that rank because there are so many people born on that date.

8. She Is A Fashion Icon

If you know Pearl Thusi, personally or on social media or maybe you just see the shows she has hosted you’d be very familiar with this. The actress serves a new look each time you turn around. She is a sight for sore eyes. Always popping with gorgeous outfits and making them look even better than they are originally.

Pearl Thusi – vuzacast

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